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Obama Understands Politics, Not So Much His Constituents

April 17, 2010

Say what you will about President Obama, but he can work politics like it’s nobody’s business. He (or at least his advisors) know the way Washington works, who can be persuaded, whose arms can be twisted and how to run a news cycle – which includes Friday evening news dumps.

Be that as it may, he doesn’t quite understand his constituents, we the people, the same way. Some may disagree and say that he wouldn’t have got elected if he didn’t, but Obama actually just knows how to campaign – not how to connect. That much is obvious. Take for example the so-called historic passage of health care “reform.” Sure it was a political “win” for the President. But out here in America he is now taking a beating. Polls show him dropping precipitously after a brief one or two point bound a week after the passage of “reform.”

Considering that, was it still a victory? For the history books, maybe. Come November 2010 and 2012, however, probably not. The same can be said for the recent “good news” in the economy and more. The statistics may be good, but tell that to the 9.7% suffering from this jobless recovery.

Chris Wallace summed this all up pretty well on Politico’s “Turn the Table” (which is a compelling new idea):

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  1. April 18, 2010 2:59 am

    I agree with you about President Obama being able to work the political machine. I still think we have a load of work yet to do if we want to pick up a lot of seats in November or defeat him in 2012. Even with all his broken pledges of transparency, his misleading statements about the stimulus needing to be passed right away or unemployment would get worse, and his constant apologetic stance regarding America in the world, I think he would win re-election by a larger margin today than he did in 2008. He may not have had success with races in VA, NJ, or MA recently, but I think when he goes into full time campaign mode (trust me he’s nowhere close to it now) he will capture a lot of those that have abandoned him recently. It will be a sad commentary on the electorate of this country if we don’t make significant inroads into the Democratic Majority in both houses of Congress this November, and elect a Republican to the White House in 2012. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me…

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