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This Kid Just Doesn’t Know When to Quit: Johnston to Write Palin ‘Memoir’

April 25, 2010
Levi Johnston And Bristol Palin At RNC - Best ...
Image by baratunde via Flickr

Note to Levi Johnston: Once you sign your body over what is basically porn (he did do that, right?) no one will ever take you seriously again. Put your clothes back on, go home to Alaska and take care of your kid.

There are few idiots in this world who compare to Ex-Palin family member Levi Johnston. But what do you do if you are that idiot and you were in with the Palin’s for awhile? Why, you write a tell-all memoir, of course!:

In a forthcoming New York magazine article on the Sarah Palin brand, Levi Johnston tells author Gabriel Sherman that “he is working on a memoir that would air the true story of the Palin household.”

If you have to use “true story”  before you even write the (probably error-filled) book, you’re probably just making crap up anyway. Johnston needs to grow up and make a life for himself rather than mooching off Sarah, a self-made woman, and portraying her as something she likely isn’t.

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