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Slow Down? Do They Even Know What that Means?

April 26, 2010

Joe Klein sees Lindsey Graham pulling out out of cap and tax “reform” because of the rush on immigration as a good thing – for Democrats, anyway.

“Why? Because the public has had quite enough, thank you, of government activism this year…and, after Wall Street reform is passed, any further attempts to pass major legislation will add to legitimate conservative arguments that the federal government is attempting to do much to do any of it well.”

You see, Joe Klein (the “objective” guy from TIME mag) wants what’s best for the progressives.

Think  about all the “sweeping” reforms the Democrat’s are looking for: Wall Street “reform,” immigration, cap and trade, the list goes on. They’ll never get that much accomplished by November.

I say either put on the brakes or keep trying, Democrats. Because you’ll either wait too long with the former or get maybe one more “major” victory with the latter. Either way, you’re writing your own 2010 eulogy.

H/T PoliticalWire

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